Sunday, 20 June 2010


Well folks, the cost of modern living has taken precedence again: it's a bit of a madhouse here. I'm not sure if I'll be updating for a while. I've pitched a teleplay of Book One, and am looking at releasing the remaining pieces over the year in print form. I'm also in talks with a publisher about an unrelated graphic novel and on the jobhunt. This blog will be updated with new material, a weekly

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

1 Old Place New Place

McCloud is right when he states comics are interactive. Don't Get Lost needs reader support. Otherwise, what's the point? I usually set out to draw comics for myself. With DLG, that's not enough. I've decided to do those things which people like about my comics, which spur them to say something.

So here we go, Book 2. A shorter interlude, I hope you like it. Don't get sucked in.

Please don't vote Labservative next week. That would make me cry and a displaced person.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


And that's the end of Book 1.

Good to end with a happy ending after what we've been through together.

If you've been reading? Unconvinced I have reader complicity to go ahead and tell the rest of it...I can't exist on the meagre stipend of a functioning blog platform as only recognition an outside world gets it. So please tell me if you're checking in, or have checked out, how you're reading it. I'd like not to appear desperate, but I bloody am! Oh c'mon, some needy people are worth a sympathy snog, and I'm not even asking that.

If you comment here, I'll be more likely continuing (your vote) If not, you'll never know.

And anyway, it's only polite.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Next weeks the final installment of the first novel. I would really like your feedback. I'm worried the series reads as far too dark and brutal online - of course, it's meant to be, but I don't wanna shit in my friend's cereal. Opinions?

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