Don't Get Lost is a tale of abuse and survival through the self and friendship. It's presented as a stripblog. In over 300 tiny pages. Updated Thursdays over 2010. Get Home Safely.

In the first part, a British media panic tears apart a community in post-war Northern Ireland. Book 1 runs between January and April.

In Part 2, the author makes a beeline for the life a survivor is entitled to, only to find not everyone there feels the same way. Book 2 runs between April and July.

Book 3 runs between July and November or thereabouts. "Come Home Safely" sees the author's world change as a series of incidents in his made-for-novelisation life lead him to break the fourth wall.

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Paypal donations grown from adrenalin altruism are welcome. You may wish to consider purchasing some art from the series. £2.50 per page seems fair and I'll do a discount for multiple orders and throw in a wee sketch.
Black and white A3 and A4 copies of Don't Get Lost and Come Home Safely are available for the same price.
A3 Come Home Safely (colour) available for £5.
All prices include postage.
Paypal the money to drew.luke(at)gmail.com along with a small note explaining which numbered part the page you like is in, and a brief description. Name and address of course! I'll mail to anywhere, me!

Talk About It

With pals, foes, in pubs, on buses and boards. 'Don't Get Lost' has a lot of hard content and deserves a bigger readership. I don't wanna go howl in the wind. Do it for the right reasons.

Leave a comment on the strips. Call me names. Link me in to resources on sexual abuse or tabloid fuckery. I will hav my communitae now plz thnks.

Book 3 will include a 24 hour comic. I shoulda just said that?

Can I buy this comic in print?

Not yet, perhaps not ever. Complete the steps above, and then we'll have a talk about it. However if you'd like to print anything out for yourself or friends, not for resale, be my guest.